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Anal Sex

• How to have anal sex?.

A sexual activity involving anal area people of same sex or opposite sex can do it through anal penetration or a penetration through fingers or sex toys. If done with safety like a condom, anal sex is completely safe. Be it a gay, bisexual or straight relationship, people enjoy the stimulations which happen during anal sex.

• How to have anal sex?

If you and your partner are not ready for the actual sex or you want to explore the pleasures beyond the regular sexual activities, you must try anal sex. If you have decided to enjoy this form of sex, you should talk to your partner and with their consent you can try having anal sex. Once your partner is ready for the penetration after foreplay, you can insert in their anal area. If you are doing it for the first time, you must take things slow and then penetrate. Being a responsible sex partner you should pull out if your partner feels uncomfortable because of pain.

• Use of lubricant:

Vagina has its own lubricant, but anus doesn’t, so you must use a lubricant which is water base to make the penetration. You must avoid the tear of tissues of the anus and for that using a lubricant is always recommended.

• Use of condom:

Always use a condom in order to have safe anal sex. The usage of condom will give you complete preventions from HIV, STIs and STDs, if you are not using sex toys and fingers. While using a condom, you must not use oil based lubricants because it can break the condom.

• Anal sex can cause the following STIs:

• Chlamydia
• Genital herpes
• Genital warts
• Gonorrhoea
• Syphilis

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