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Blood transfusions

How can counselling help:

Through our Hiv Counselling Doctors in India, you can get the correct knowledge about the chances of getting HIV through blood transfusions. There are many chances of getting the infection if the infected blood of an HIV patient is transfused inside the body of a non HIV infected person. The risk is hundred percent and the rate of infection is really high. With the help of proper counselling one can get the awareness related to this kind of risk.

How can counselling help:

Our Hiv Counselling Doctors in Delhi will not only make you aware but will help you in taking the right measures in life. The counsellor will tell everything with full knowledge and awareness. The information you will get through them will be beneficial for you, if ever in your life you get stuck in a situation where you have to take blood through an unknown donor.

Why you need professional support:

These days, due to the advancement in technology, it has become easy for everyone to find the required information on the internet. This is helpful, however when a situation like HIV occurs, taking the help of professionals is what you should take. They are trained people who know and understand how to give the counselling and handle cases of infected people. There are many medical sites but the information you will get there will not help you to come out of it. The information you get there is incomplete or fabricated. The doctors and counsellors know how to help when a person who has anxiety related to HIV comes.

Many people hesitate to discuss this with their friends and family and even if they do, most of the times, they do not get genuine answers. So if there is any chance of you getting an infection related to HIV, the best thing is to take proper counselling through a professional after taking the tests.