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How does a Condom Work?

Using condoms while doing sex will not only help you in having a control over pregnancy, but it will also save you from many diseases and infections including STIs- Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV. You should always use a condom while doing sex and our Hiv Counselling Doctors in Delhi, will guide you on how to use it and why to use it.

How does a condom work?

Condoms are available everywhere and these days there are male as well as female condoms available in the market. There is a variety of condoms available which have different thickness, texture, size, colour, flavours and the texture of condoms also comes in various types. A condom acts as a membrane which is a barrier between penis and vagina or mouth or anus, anywhere you want to do sex. With the usage of a condom, one can prevent the exchange of body fluids like blood, semen and other fluids.

The importance of a condom during sex:

Using a condom lowers the risk of STIs, HIV, pregnancy and it is the safest thing which gives you a healthy sex life. Even if you share sex toys with multiple people, you must cover it with a condom in order to avoid STIs. If while doing sex, either of you have STIs, the chances of getting it to the other partner are really high.

When should I use a condom?

You should use a condom, each time you indulge in a sexual activity where you want to be free from any STI, HIV or pregnancy.

How to use a condom?

You should not make the contact of vagina and penis without wearing a condom. Avoid it getting slipped off or its breakage and never touch the body of the condom because it reduces the lubricant present in a condom.