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HIV and Other Health Issues

How to Manage the Health Conditions:

When a person is diagnosed with HIV the only thing in their life becomes the concerned about the infection. Take your time but make sure not to ignore your health and hygiene. Do proper exercises, take bath regularly, wear clean cloths and take your food properly. Our Hiv Counselling Doctors in Delhi can provide you proper help regarding this.

How to manage the health conditions:

• With the increase of HIV, there are many things which can affect you. Some people get these co infections like cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, lung disease or kidney disease.
• You should improve your lifestyle along with proper medications so that you live a long and healthy life. You should take suggestions from our HIV counselling doctors in Noida regarding this.
• In order to lead a longer life, you will have to change your lifestyle and take care of the symptoms you are having regarding certain diseases.
• The perfect way is to take the help from our medical professionals, who will guide you throughout.

If you don’t take precautions and risk your life, there are chances that you will develop co infections. These co infections can be:

• Tuberculosis (TB) - TB is one of the world wide co infections and it is common among HIV infected people. It can be fatal. The symptoms include, cough, and weight loss and sweats during night.
• Hepatitis Band Hepatitis C- These are two other infections which are common with HIV patients. Both the hepatitis are common with injecting drug users. It is also a serious co infection there is a vaccination available and by using it you can get the treatment.

Opportunistic Infections:

The immune system of HIV infected person is weak because of the fall of CD4 count. The infections caused by the low immunity of the body of an HIV positive person are known as opportunistic infections. Following are the infections which come under this category:

• cryptococcal meningitis
• toxoplasmosis
• PCP, a type of pneumonia
• oesophageal candidiasis
• Certain cancers, including Kaposi’s sarcoma.