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How do we get HIV?

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

HIV or Human Immunodeficiency Virus is present in the following body fluids of an HIV infected person:

• Blood
• Pre-seminal fluid (pre-cum)
• Semen (cum)
• Vaginal fluids
• Rectal fluids
• Breast milk

We can get infected if these fluids enter our blood. The HIV infected fluids can reach our bloodstream through a ruptured mucous membrane (a layer that lines the vagina, rectum, penis opening, or the mouth), cuts in the skin, or injected straight into our blood. A person carrying the HIV may or may not have the symptoms but can still pass it to others. Here are the ways that tell How We Get Hiv:

•  Having unprotected sex: Engaging in unprotected sex with an infected person    or having anal sex or vaginal sex without a condom.
• Sharing drug injecting apparatus: Sharing syringes, needles, or other devices    used for concocting and injecting drugs with an HIV infected person.
• Infected blood transfusions and contaminated tissue/organ transplants:     Undergoing tissue/organ transplant or receiving transfusion or platelets with blood that is infected with HIV can lead to HIV. The risk of infection through this method     is relatively small as almost every clinic or medical facility tests blood for HIV before approving it for transfusions.
•  Passed on from mother-to-infant: An HIV infected mother can pass on the virus to her infant through her blood during pregnancy or at the time of delivery. Moreover, a    mother can pass the disease through breast milk while breastfeeding the baby.
•  Occupational exposure: Lack of safe healthcare practices for employees working in a healthcare department as they can get Hiv from injury or cuts made by sharp      objects such as needles that may be smeared with infected blood.

If you feel you have exposed yourself to the risk of HIV, find it out with an HIV test. The Hiv Counselling Doctors in Faridabad can help you to take care of the condition.