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Right time to get tested/Window Period

During pregnancy, get the test done:

Getting an HIV test is always good for your sexual health. Even though if you think your health is not on risk, you can talk to our HIV counselling doctors in Noida and know more about why you should get the test done. If you have put yourself on risk, you should immediately get the test done. Getting the test done will help you in having a relaxed sexual life.

If you are at risk, get the test done right away:

If you think you did unprotected sex with a stranger or shared a syringe for injecting drug or if some blood or organ transplant has happened to you or you think you have used an equipment which has caused you cut or bruise and you are not sure about if you have the risk or not, you should get the test done. Talk to our HIV counselling doctors in Gurgaon as soon as possible and they will give you guidance on the condition you are in and if there is any risk, go ahead for the test without wasting any time.

These days medical science has advanced and you can detect HIV within 11 days of infection in your body. After the first test, if you are found positive, there will be other tests and follow ups which you must do. If there is a risk of infection, use condoms while you have sex and stop sharing needles for injecting drugs.

During pregnancy, get the test done:

It is really essential to get the HIV test done when you are pregnant and these days it has become an important part of the other tests during pregnancy in most of the countries. If you are positive with the test, the treatment will start right away so that the child is born free from HIV infection.