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Taking Care of Self

Take the Treatment of Hiv Properly:

If you are diagnosed with HIV, it does not mean you should stop living. If you stay healthy and have a good routine which has proper intake of medicines, healthy food and exercises along with right care and cleanliness, you can live as long as an HIV negative person can. By taking care of your lifestyle, habits, safety and healthy means of living, you can enjoy a happy life with great health. However, there are questions in everyone’s life on what to do if you want a healthy life and how to decide what the lifestyle should be. So if you have any such questions, instead of reading articles on the internet or asking your friends who are not the trained professionals you should talk to our Hiv Counselling Doctors in India. They are the right people who can guide you on nutrition, personal hygiene, mental health and exercises.

Here are the important things you must do:

Take the treatment of HIV properly:

Remember, the treatment for HIV is not its cure, but with the help of treatment you can control the HIV and lead a life free from any threat to the immune system. For the information related to medicines and the intake of medicines you must talk to the health care professional who is working in the field.

Taking healthy food:

By taking nutritious and healthy diet can lower the risk. You should take everything in balance. Your diet should contain sugar, fat, protein, salt etc. in appropriate amount.

Make sure to include:

• Fruits and vegetables in your diet
• Take carbohydrates in proper amount through bread, rice, potatoes etc.
• Take lean meat, fish, eggs etc. for proteins
• Include milk, cheese and yoghurt in your diet
• Have a small amount of sugar and salt in your food

Keep yourself fit with exercises and walks:

• Make sure to have an active routine
• Go for walks
• Do exercises
• Keep yourself fit
• Increase your stamina