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What is involved ?

Getting HIV test can make you worried

Getting HIV test can make you worried, however it is one of the best thing you can do to yourself in order to have a healthy sexual life. The process involving the test is painless, free of cost and the results are kept confidential. You can visit our HIV counselling doctors in India to take the guidance. Be clear and truthful with them. You can ask whatever comes to your mind in terms of HIV. Don’t feel any pressure related to the test, if the doctors feel that you are at risk, take the advice and go for the best HIV treatment, which will help you live longer.

The test for HIV:

Depending upon the risk and level of HIV, there are various tests for HIV. Our HIV counselling doctors in Delhi will guide you and explain you on how to get tested and what will happen to your result. Usually a small amount of blood will be taken from your finger or arm for test and for rapid test and after 20 minutes the result will be given. For the other tests, the same blood sample will be sent to labs and the result will come after a couple of weeks.

More about the test for HIV:

• If you are infected with HIV, your body will release some antibodies. The test will confirm the presence of this antibody in your blood or fluids. If taken after three months, the test shows results because this antibody takes three months to develop inside a body. This is also called as the third generation test or ELISA antibody test.
• Then there is fourth generation HIV test and it takes 11 days to a month after the infection starts in body. In this test, the blood samples are sent to labs to check if there are p24 antigens apart from HIV antibodies.

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