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Where to get tested?

Mostly the HIV testing is done in:

Depending upon your location, there are a lot of places throughout the world from where you can take the test for HIV. If you want to know the nearest HIV test centre from your place, it is always a good option to check online about the test centres close to your location. It will help you in finding the beginning of everything.

Mostly the HIV testing is done in:

• doctors’ offices
• family planning clinics
• health clinics and hospitals
• specialist sexual health or HIV/AIDS and voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) sites
• youth drop-in centres
• drug and alcohol services
• Antenatal clinics.

There are some other places from where you can get the test done. These places are safe and they keep the test results confidential. Depending upon your location the world, these test centres are found. If you are confused and you don’t have an idea on from where you should start, you should take an appointment with our HIV counselling doctors in India. They will forward you to one of the following places for the tests:

• mobile and outreach testing in the community
• workplaces
• schools
• religious facilities
• transport hubs
• in the home
• Through mail order or online (in the UK and USA).

Things you must know regarding the HIV test:

• It should involve your full consent
• It should be confidential
• It should give you all the rights to speak about your status with the concerned people
• It should give you either HIV-positive or negative result
• Depending on what your result shows up, you will be forwarded to the treatment and prevention services of HIV

Is the test for HIV free of cost?

Yes, the HIV test is free of cost in government hospitals and some health care centres. However, if you take the test from some private hospital, chances are there that they will charge some fees. If you have anything to discuss related to HIV, its tests or counselling you must speak to our HIV counselling doctors in India.