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Whether to get tested or not?

These risk factors can be:

If you have any doubts related to your behaviour in the past and you think that your life might have some risk related to HIV, you should definitely get tested after taking guidance from our HIV counselling doctors in India.

These risk factors can be:

• If you have had sex without a condom or with a stranger and you think you can have HIV
• If you have shared with people while using needles when injecting drugs
• If you have risked your life to HIV due to another reason and you are worried about having HIV infection

There is only way you can know if you have HIV is to get yourself tested. Most of the people are nervous about getting the test, but if you don’t take the test, the risk of getting the infection is really high

Below mentioned are the reasons why you should take the test:

• The test is easy and the results come quick
• It is free of cost if done through government hospital
• It is good to know that you are free from HIV infection
• It will give you stress-free life and you can enjoy your healthy and long life free from the fear of having HIV infection

If your HIV test comes positive, you must visit our HIV counselling doctors in Delhi and they will guide you on what to do after that. If you are in the early stage of HIV the chances of your living longer and healthy are more. You can protect your immune system before the condition gets worst. After proper care and treatment a person detected with HIV can have a longer life and with proper medications your life can be good. If you take the tests in time, and you are detected positive, you have the access for the treatment. Also you can protect your sexual partners in future.