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Why to get tested for HIV?

You should also get the test done because

There are many reasons you should take the test for HIV. Depending upon your sexual behaviour and some other factors, if you think there is a risk of getting the HIV infection, it is always a good idea to take the test and if you are HIV positive, you should take the treatment and if you are HIV negative, you can have a stress-free life and after taking the guidance from our HIV counselling doctors in India, you can know how to be safe in future so that you have an HIV infection free life.

If you have done any of the following things in past, you should take the HIV test:

• If you have had unsafe sex with multiple partners
• If you have made sexual relationship with a sex worker without condom
• If you have had a one night stand with a stranger and you are not sure of their status
• If you take injected drugs and you have done it unsafe with multiple users
• If you have had a blood or organ transplant and you are not sure about the donor
• If you work in health care sector where you have contact with HIV positive people
• Of if you have had put your life at risk for HIV for any other reason

You should also get the test done because:

• The test will help you stay stress-free if you are found negative
• The test is easy and really quick
• It is free of cost
• It is good to know that you are HIV negative
• It just involves blood or saliva test
• The test results are kept secret
• As soon as you know you are positive, you can take the treatment
• You will not risk your sex partner’s like if you already know your status
• It will help you in having a healthy sex life

Contacting our HIV counselling doctors in India will help you deal with anxiety that you may be faced with.